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"To have money, you have to make it. To make big money, you have to do the right thing on time. "- Edwin Lefebvre
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Copy Trading offers a fully automated copy trading solution, which is currently available only on the Binance Futures account. It means that all the trades we execute on our account will be copied automatically to your trading account. This will be done proportionally: if we risk 3% per trade, you will have exactly the same risk based on the balance of your trading account.

In order to have your account copying our trades, all you need to do is to join our copy trading service and to send us API keys from your Binance Futures account with the right to trade on it. The entire process should not take more than 1 hour, after which your account is ready to go! instructions to find API key:
important information about copy trading
To achieve stable profit while using CryptoSignalist, please open a separate Binance Futures account dedicated only to our copy trading service. Interference with manual or automated trading by other sources will increase the risk substantially and can result in a loss of an entire balance on your trading account.
What makes us unique… the way we present our trade signals. Most if not all signal providers share trade setups but not what is happening on their own trading account. We, at, give trade signals with exact entry and exit prices and share screenshots of all the trading activity in our live trading account! After each trade, we publish the updated performance result, with the balance and equity curve, which you can see on this website.
You won't need to wake up in the middle of the night with a fear of missing a trade. Mainly we provide limit orders, making it extremely easy to follow our trade signals. And right now you have an opportunity to join the most transparent crypto signal service.
How often will signals be given?
Usually, we have 2-3 signals per week, but sometimes there can be more or less of them.
Why are paid signals better than free signals?
While being paid for our work, we take the responsibility for the quality of our signals.
How can I correctly calculate the entry into a trade? is there any instruction?
It all depends on your risk tolerance. You need to have a money management plan where you have a clear vision of the risk you take per trade. The most common practice is the 5% risk per trade. But of course when you just start the risk should be lower than that. Trade for some time, understand the way we work, and only when you are confident, you might want to consider increasing the risk.
What are the statistics of profitable signals?
At Crypto Signalist, we don't' hide our performance results, in fact, you can check all the statistics through a third party website
What exchanges are signals issued to?
Our signals are designed to be traded on Binance Futures and on Binance Spot exchanges. This is because they are offering a wide variety of coins to trade. But of course, you can choose any other exchange, in this case, you might be missing some of the signals because other exchanges might not offer all the coins we are trading.
You can register at Binance here:
Copy Trading
How much capital do I need to start copy trading?

To make it simple, there must be at least a 1000 USDT balance on your Binance Futures account to cover the subscription fee and make a profit on top. With every trade, we risk 3% of the currently available balance, where the risk/reward ratio is either ½ or ⅓. At the same time, we might have up to 5 signals opened simultaneously, which makes the maxim possible drawdown up to 15% at a time.

Nonetheless, most of the time we don't have more than 3 trades opened simultaneously, and usually, there are 2-3 trades per week. Considering the scenario where we have one losing trade and 2 winning trades per week, the profit potential is 9%+9%-3% = 15% weekly. Such an approach allows achieving from 20% to 60% monthly with only 3% risk per trade.
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